Joy Sturm, PA-C


Timothy Sean Diesel, PA-C


Kathy Johnson, PA-C

Immediate Past President

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Stephanie Richmond, PA-C

Recording Secretary

May Goldenberg, PA-C

Membership Secretary

Stacey Smith, PA-C


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Directors at Large

Derek Bronson, PA-C

Region 1 NW Director

Charlton Morgan Swinehart, PA-C

Region 2 NE Director

Dallas Lipscomb, PA-C

Region 3 SW Director

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Terah Sexton, PA-C

Region 4 SE Director

Kristin Caplan, PA-C

Region 5 ABQ Metro Director

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AAPA House of Delegates

Laura Wylie, PA-C

House of Delegates

Deborah Thorne, PA-C

House of Delegates 2020

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Albert Bourbon, PA-C

House of Delegates

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Student Representatives
Joanna Trujillo HOD
Samantha Palos UNM
Anna Herrera-Salas USF
Upcoming Board Meetings


Board nominations are accepted throughout the year. To be on the election ballot for the upcoming year, nominations:


  • must be received by May 28th

  • be accepted by the nominee

  • nominees must be a current member of NMAPA


Elections are held in mid-May. Terms are from July 1– June 30 for one year, except for House Delegates which are for two years.


Members may make a nomination online by visiting the Nominations page.